# what we do

We provide advice, consultancy, planning and execution to overseas [security and compliance] vendors to allow them to penetrate UK and European markets. We have decades of experience and a methodology proven time and time again that allow us to deliver faster revenues and reduce overall risks. We build lean, effective regional businesses for vendors that are passionate about creating great technology.  You bring the tech  - let us do the rest. 

# why we do it

We love nurturing and incubating great technology companies and helping them grow. We're highly competitive and fight hard to to ensure we [us and our vendors] win!  We're driven by the people that surround us - we've built up quite a community across the press, the channel and our suppliers that make doing business a pleasure not a chore. If you're as passionate about your business as we are about ours.. come and join us. 

# inspiration

We challenge you not to like this..

So many organisations are still trying to sell in the 'old' way, they bow to the customers every need even if the customer is wrong. To win in today's market you need to challenge the prospect, give them something to consider. Surely a little debate creates more rapport and respect in any relationship? Take a look at this video. Admittedly it's a little long but well worth the time, What are your thoughts?  Please share using #IdentifyMarketing


Start with why....

A classic.. an extract from a Simon Sinek talk, now a few years old but very insightful and really makes you think. He talks thriyghh how great leaders inspire and how people actually communicate vs how they should communicate to get results. If you haven't read it already the book that accompanies this, it's well worth a read. Simon Sinek, we take our proverbial hats off to you. What are your thoughts?  Please share using #IdentifyMarketing


# services
act as your local sales team

We can act as if we're you. Let us be your first man on the ground to help you build an efficient sales presence. You bring the tech, we'll make the sales.

handle all regional marketing

We know the quirks of marketing into the UK and Europe know who to collaborate with to get results. Let us and our partners build and and execute your regional marketing and PR.

provide technical and pre-sales resources

We have in-house engineers available to help you suppport/engage with customers and prospects. We can support or demonstrate your tech as needed. 

provide market readiness assessment

If you need a frank and unbiased assessment of your business readiness for penetrating these regions we can help. We'll identify the gaps and plug them respectively.

help you find the right people

When your ready to inevatably take the leap and hire directly, we can help with this. We will identfify, intervew and incubate the top talent and provide a smooth transition to in country management.

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